About NCK

The National Centre for Knowledge on Men's Violence Against Women (NCK) is a knowledge and resource centre based at Uppsala University. NCK has been commissioned by the Government to increase the knowledge of men's violence against women in Sweden, and to develop methods for the treatment and care of women subjected to violence.

The Swedish National Centre for Knowledge on Men's Violence Against Women (NCK) at Uppsala University has in government directives been commissioned to

  • offer services to patients with availability day and night,
  • offer support to women subjected to violence,
  • spread knowledge about and develop methods for care and treatment of women who have been subjected to battering and/or rape,
  • spread knowledge and information about men's violence against women,
  • educate medical staff and other categories of staff who are likely to meet women subjected to violence,
  • follow, compile and spread research findings within the field of men's violence against women,
  • carry out research within the faculty of medicine and
  • function as a consulting resource for other organisations and authorities in Sweden.

Nationellt centrum för kvinnofrid, exteriör.Organisation

NCK is part of Uppsala University and reports directly to the vice-chancellor. NCK has a reference council appointed by Uppsala University. The head of NCK has a scientific council at disposal. The County Council of Uppsala has overall responsibility for patient services at NCK whilst the director of Uppsala University Hospital has direct authority.

Organisation chart NCK

Board of Directors

Gun Heimer
Professor, Head of NCK

Karin Sandell
Head of Information, Training and Section for Research Analysis

Åsa Witkowski
Head of Clinical Department