Jill Trenholm

Jill Trenholm, Jill Trenholm

Titel: RN, PhD, lecturer/researcher

Lärosäte: Uppsala universitet

Institution: Institutionen för kvinnors och Barn Hälsa, International Maternal and Child Health

E-post: jill.trenholm@kbh.uu.se


Sexual violence in conflict through a gender lense; health impact of sexual trauma and questions of resilience in a low resource setting, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Publikationer i urval

Trenholm, J. (2013) Women Survivors, Lost Children and Traumatised Masculinities: the Phenomena of War Rape in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Doctoral thesis. Acta Universitatis Uppsaliensis, Uppsala. Publikationen i fulltext

Trenholm, J., Olsson P., Blomqvist, M. & Maina Ahlberg B. (2013) Constructing Soldiers from Boys in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Men and Masculinities Vol 16, Issue 2, pp. 203-227. Mer information om publikationen

Trenholm, J., Olsson P. & Maina Ahlberg B. (2009) Battles on women's bodies: War, rape and traumatisation in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Global Public Health 2011;6(2):139-52. Mer information om publikationen

Trenholm J. (2008) Battle for Control on the Bodies of Women: the perspectives of local leaders on rape and war in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. International Maternal and Child Health, Dept of Women's and Child Health. Published Master Thesis: Uppsala University.