Gender Equality Index 2017. Measurement framework of violence against women

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  • Utgivningsår: 2017
  • Avsändare: European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)
  • Typ: Rapport
  • Antal sidor: 74

Information om publikationen

The European Institute for Gender Equality’s Gender Equality Index presents, for the first time, a more advanced way to measure violence against women in the European Union. It also provides a comparable score for each country.

The Institute’s report shows that some women are more at risk of certain types of violence and experience it differently because of various factors, such as disability, migrant status or sexual orientation. It also looks at contextual factors, such as public attitudes towards violence, victim support services and legal frameworks to gain a better understanding of the drivers and circumstances of violence.

Over time, the index aims to further define and populate all proposed indicators to enable the European Union and its Member States to monitor emerging forms of violence, such as femicide, stalking and forced marriage. It will continue to look at the complex interaction between gender equality and violence against women.