Katarina Swahnberg

Katarina Swahnberg, Katarina Swahnberg

Titel: Professor i hälsovetenskap och global hälsa

Lärosäte: Linnéuniversitetet

Institution: Institutionen för hälso- och vårdvetenskap

E-post: katarina.swahnberg@lnu.se

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Katarina Swahnberg is a Registered Nurse educated at the Red Cross Nursing School, Stockholm. She has a BSc in International Health Care, and a BSc and an MSc in Public Health.

Her research consists mainly of two themes: (1) abuse in health care, and (2) Violence against women. Both teams have a strong focus on the development of art interventions and changing oppressive and violent practices.

Nuvarande forskningsprojekt

Katarina Swahnberg is currently principal investigator for projects in Nepal: Sexual Trafficking and Gender based Violence: A Forum Theater Intervention to Promote Gender Equality in Nepal and in Bangladesh: Community-based prevention of domestic violence against women

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